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Laboratory Environments

Controlled Environment Systems is an international designer and manufacturer of CleanroomsMetrology LabsCMM Enclosures and various other types of environmentally controlled laboratories providing top quality products and services since 1993.


Controlled Environment Systems is a market leader and innovator in the Cold Storage Solutions industry since the inception of Insulated Thermal Envelope technology.

We work with General Contractors and Architects, Business Owners and End Users, protecting what is precious and delivering Purpose-Driven services in the Life Science community.

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Insulated Thermal Envelopes

A flexible solution for exterior and interior facilities. Used for cold storage applications, including dry good warehouses, cooler/freezer buildings, food processing facilities and all temperature-controlled environments for all purposes.


Panels used in conjunction with Controlled Environment Systems achieves and maintains temperature control and insulation values an varied climates. Food Storage and specialty environments can access USDA compliant stainless steel for use in aggressive or daily washdown areas.

Enable Injections  Cleanroom
  • Design

  • Construction

  • ISO Cleanroom Solutions

  • HEPA Filters

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Control Systems

  • Mechanical Systems

Sustainable, Reliable, Flexible

Protecting what is precious, and delivering Purpose-Driven services for the
Life-Science community

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Environmental Calibration Chamber

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) tests and develops medical solutions to aid both military servicemen and civilians. The research facility, which is located in Silver Springs, Maryland, needed a new cleanroom cold chamber to store various biological materials being researched, such as those used in the development of vaccines. Knowing this highly important cold chamber construction project would require the assistance of the industry’s top experts, WRAIR turned to Controlled Environment Systems.

​Using our vast knowledge of cleanroom design and construction and drawing on our years of experience, we were able to create a final product that satisfied all the requirements of WRAIR. After careful research and planning, we achieved a cleanroom cold chamber with a Class 100 ISO5 Classification. It complied with the temperature and relative humidity standards that were requested, allowing the experts at WRAIR to seamlessly move forward with their biological testing initiatives.

Metrology Lab Instruments
  • Design

  • Construction

  • Space Use Assessment

  • True Use Estimate

  • Assist with IMP Selection

  • Trim Fabrication

  • Financial Efficiencies


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