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CMM Construction

Our dynamic design approach yields flexible, fully-functioning modular workspaces that account both for projected change and growth in your business needs, as well as for budget and space guidelines.

Since 1993, CES has designed, assembled and certified CMM rooms and other environmentally controlled structures for businesses across the country. Our design teams strive to incorporate the input of each and every client in order to deliver customized rooms that serve each organization’s unique set of requirements. For dependable CMM room design and construction services across the United States, reach out to CES today.

Why CMM Rooms?

Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) are used by businesses around the world to measure physical characteristics. They’re often employed during the product development and manufacturing processes to help ensure that components meet a highly specific standard. In turn, this consistency in size allows each component to provide reliable performance across the board.

Clean Room Panel Instal

The catch is that the measurements taken by CMM are so specific that the machine must be used in a controlled environment. That is the importance of CMM room design. Temperature fluctuations, for example, can cause physical changes that may lead to inaccurate readings. Likewise, the presence of unwelcome particulate matter could prevent an accurate measurement. CMM rooms include high-tech measures, such as filtration technology, to help stabilize these factors and eliminate uncertainty once the CMM is in action.

Our Design and Construction Process

CES recognizes the importance of custom enclosure features, so we employ a comprehensive, client-centric approach. We tackle each project with your demands in mind, and we guarantee that the resulting enclosure will offer the necessary features and meet applicable regulations, codes and industry standards. Our CMM rooms are fully functioning, modular workspaces, enabling growth and adjustment per your business needs.

The CES CMM rooms team offers the following services:

  • Design and construction of new, custom CMM rooms

  • CMM room certification

  • Retrofitting/upgrading of existing enclosures

  • Full-time, on-site supervision

  • Filtration of particulate matter

  • Ensure HVAC compliance

We can also measure and stabilize all of the following environmental factors, so your enclosure meets the standards required by your equipment:

  • Airflow velocity

  • Relative humidity stability

  • Vertical and/or horizontal temperature gradient stability

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