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finlay canvas  Steel and Glass with Green panels

Environment Structures

Creating the perfect thermal envelope solution in one easy step. From small cooler and freezer units for food processors to large scale distribution facilities and warehouses, we tailor the project to our clients' business demands. 

freezer door

Cold Storage


CES furnishes and installs insulated panels and doors for building cooler, freezer and food processing facilities. In cold storage we typically control environments from minus 80 degrees to plus 40 degrees within a controlled environment structure that we build with insulated metal panels. The insulated metal panel is the core of our structures business.


Our commitment to quality workmanship is manifested in our installation crews, who are specially trained in cold storage construction techniques. Whether the project is a small walk-in unit or a large warehouse, the CES installation team helps meet our goal of total customer satisfaction on every job.

Floor Control


Floor heating systems are used in cold storage facilities to prevent the floors from freezing and icing, thereby preventing structural damage and accidents. This system works by laying heating cables or mats under the floor. The heating cables or mats are heated by electricity and give heat to the floor. The main advantages of floor heating systems in cold storage facilities are as follows:

  • Prevents the floors from freezing and icing, thereby preventing structural damage and accidents.

  • Prolongs the life of the floor.

  • Improves the thermal insulation of the facility.

  • Increases the energy efficiency of the facility.

There are two main types of floor heating systems in cold storage facilities depending on the heating element used: wired systems and mat systems. Wired systems use heated cables that are laid under the floor and secured on a mesh that is laid on the floor. Mat systems use heating mats that are laid directly on the floor. The installation of floor heating systems in cold storage facilities is a very careful process. Before installation, the capacity and requirements of the system must be calculated correctly. Also, the floor area where the system will be installed must be smooth and level. Regular maintenance of floor heating systems in cold storage facilities is important to maintain the efficiency and life of the system. The following tasks should be performed as part of maintenance:

  • Check for any damage to the cables or mats in the system.

  • Check for any looseness or breakage in the connections in the system.

  • Clean the control unit in the system regularly.

IMP Installation


Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs), also known as sandwich panels, are a revolutionary product in the construction industry, known for their efficiency and versatility. They are exterior roof and wall panels that are comprised of two pieces of steel skin with insulation foam in the middle.

Key Features of Insulated Metal Panels:

  • Durability: IMPs offer a unique combination of durability.

  • Superior Energy Efficiency: The insulating foam core provides superior thermal properties.

  • Design Flexibility: IMPs offer aesthetic flexibility with a vast range of profiles

  • Reliable Results: Both at install and for the long haul.

  • Versatility: Can be used in any building application.

The vapor barrier, one of the critical functions of an IMP, can be applied at the factory or on-site depending upon the panel. The “warm” side of the vapor barrier will always be on the exterior for a cold storage environment, whereas the vapor seal would be on the opposite side of the panel in a commercial/industrial application.​

Controlled Environment Systems is an innovator in the IMP space, creating world class finishes for Lab, Cleanroom, Cold Storage, Life Science, Food Service and Commercial Industrial buildings since 1985. 

Metrology and Clean Rooms


Businesses around the world rely on ultra-precise measurements for product standardization, and that requires strict control of temperature, humidity, particulate matter and other environmental factors. 

Controlled Environment Systems has been constructing and certifying cleanrooms and laboratories since 1993. We use our specialized knowledge of HVAC systems to build ISO Class 4 to ISO Class 8 rooms with fully controlled environments. Our completed cleanroom projects prove CES’s ability to satisfy almost any standard and budget.

When it comes to cleanroom design, there’s a lot to consider. How clean does it need to be? What are the target dimensions? Where will it be located in your facility?

At CES, we take your exact specifications and budget into account and design a custom cleanroom that checks off every box on your must-have list. For expert cleanroom design, turn to the trusted knowledge and experience of CES.

Strategic Partnerships / Suppliers

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