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Controlled Environment Systems is a market leader and trusted resource for the CMM, Cleanroom, and Metrology communities.

Our Special Environments team designs and manufactures Cleanrooms , Metrology Labs, CMM Enclosures and various other types of environmentally controlled laboratories providing top quality products and services.


Controlled Environment Systems makes the ideal environment for our clients by designing and manufacturing enclosures for accurate temperature control.

Your business deserves a metrology lab that’s meticulously designed with high-quality materials and careful customizations. No matter your industry or application, our special environments teams provides comprehensive metrology lab design and construction services in order to create a controlled environment where temperature and humidity won’t throw a wrench in your measurements. 

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Established Industry Leaders 

Creating perfect environments for businesses, organizations, and agencies operating in diverse industries which include Aerospace, Defense & Research. 


Tech Cleanroom


  • Design

  • Construction

  • ISO Cleanroom Solutions

  • HEPA Filters

Architect Workplace
  • Space Use Assessment

  • True Use Estimate

  • Assist with IMP Selection

  • Trim Fabrication

  • Financial Efficiencies


CMM Lab Enclosure


  • Design

  • Assembly

  • Certification

Mass Lab Metrology


  • Design

  • Customizations

  • Construction

Setting the Standard

Installation and Certification of 2,000 square feet of cleanrooms

Located in Boulder, Colorado, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) sought to expand its research and manufacturing abilities. To do so, the organization purchased a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) furnace, a complex design that utilizes microscopic mechanical and electro-mechanical technological elements.

NIST sought out Controlled Environment Systems' expertise to design, construct, and certify an expansion of the MEMS Research Facility. Because of our experience in completing similar projects for other high-profile clients, NIST was eager to begin the MEMS furnace project and realize its goals.

Our Special Environments team successfully completed NIST’s MEMS furnace project by installing and certifying Class 100 cleanrooms. Each cleanroom featured fume hood workstations that ensured the MEMS Research Facility would deliver as a dependable enclosure for the institution.


NIST Cleanroom
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