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HEPA Filter Installation & Certification

At CES, we know that the major force behind the majority of cleanroom particle removal is the system by which the air is filtered.

Our professionals have been contracted to assist in cleanroom construction for numerous purposes, including building facilities used in the aerospace, medical, and technological fields. As cleanroom experts, we have successfully worked on projects as diverse as ISO Class 4 satellite component facilities and state-of-the-art production facilities classified as ISO Class 8. We can design and build a cleanroom facility suited to your needs that will fit within a pre-determined budget. Alternatively, we can develop an expense analysis to predict final costs.

Cleaning the Clean Room

We Offer The Following Services:

  • Cleanroom Design and Construction

  • Cleanroom Consultation

  • Testing/Certification

  • Temperature & Humidity Control

  • Cost Analysis

  • ISO Class 4 to ISO Class 8

  • USP 797 & 800 guidelines

  • In addition to constructing a cleanroom with exacting standards, we can help test and certify that our work exceeds the necessary specifications. In most relevant industries, there will be an allowance for some of the smallest airborne particles to be present, and it’s important to confirm that your HEPA filters and cleanroom design allow you to operate within the allowed range. Our variety of work partners and completed projects proves that we can adapt to the disparate specifications of different industries. We have built cleanrooms with Eastman Kodak Company, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Venture Aerobearings, NIST, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and others.

    After the design and construction of a cleanroom is complete, there are many additional variables that can affect the efficacy of a cleanroom. Appropriate garments and cleaning are both necessary. And, of course, there are measures to avoid introducing contaminants as workers enter the cleanroom. CES can help with the cleaning supplies and even equipment necessary, as not all laboratory equipment is appropriate for a cleanroom setting.


    At CES, we pride ourselves on constructing cleanrooms on schedule, within budget and we customize all enclosures to meet the specifications of our customers. We handle projects of any size but specialize in larger projects and those that require temperature and humidity control. We are hands-on with our customers from the initial estimate up through the completion of the project. So, if you are in need of cleanroom construction as part of your business or research, give us a call today, and we will happily discuss the options with you.

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