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Working at CES

Founded in 1985 in response to the area's cold storage needs, CES Inc. has grown into one of the area's largest contractors in the cold storage/ environmental room industry. The CES of today is a dynamic, growing organization that continually strives to solve our customers' evolving controlled environment design, implementation and management needs.

From construction consultation on special purpose rooms, to clean rooms, cold storage and large scale warehousing and grow space: we’re there from construction concept to manufacturing, fabricating and installing of integrated wall systems, control systems, HVAC, air handler units and fan filter units. In 1994, CES expanded to include environmental control systems management and consultation.

We support many industries including:


  • Agribusiness

  • Bio / Pharma

  • Chemical

  • Cold Storage

  • Food Service

  • Life Sciences

  • Medical

  • Semi-Conductor


Promoting a Safe and Healthy Workplace

At CES, we understand that the best way to promote health and safety is to ensure it’s an embedded tenet of our culture. That’s why we integrate health and safety into all facets of our business operations — in the field, our technical work, and our offices. 

Our goal is to ensure our staff returns home each day at least as healthy as they were when they entered the workplace. We actively work to achieve that goal through our iterative continual improvement process.


This helps our dedicated health and safety team to continually improve our safety systems, tools, and training. We arm our staff with the tools and training they need to not only identify unsafe systems, processes, situations, and behaviors, but to ensure they are empowered to take action when necessary.


Award-winning program

Over the years, the industry — and our clients — have recognized the excellence of CES's safety program. Some of these awards include:

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